Electrical Testing

Test your Work, Lock your Test, Protect Yourself

Fast and easy mobile testing software. Locks your tests in the cloud, reduces paper-work and protects you from future claims against your work.

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Conduct Easy Mobile Tests

Conduct and retain a history of tests

Test Safe allows you to conduct tests and Stores them against a location. By a pin drop on your location, date and time stamp recorded that cannot be altered after saving. This location will retain the history of each test create an automatic log-book of each visit.

With steep fines for non-compliance, Testsafe guides you through your testing requirements.

Step by Step guide of the mandatory tests (AS/NZS).

  • Industry Standard Tests.
  • Date time stamp and Locked away in the cloud.
  • Shock report step by step guide.
  • Option to take photo's to show the work you have completed.
  • Minimal cost with high protection.
  • Ability to send test results direct to customer.

Perform Industry Standard Tests

Reduces inefficiency and Protects your Business

Pin drop on map to prove test done at that location

Date/ time Locked in the Cloud

Access your tests from anywhere

Each step is logged and saved against your TEST. Once saved, it can never be overwritten and is locked in TEST SAFE’S vault to ensure that your test is secure for any future review.

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